About Paul

Paul has been a professional Ottawa photographer for over 12 years with a background in the digital /web advisory role, UI / UX and Graphic Design (RGD member).

He has always had a keen eye, especially in the photography world. He believes everyone has a portrait within them. “I love interacting with people and how I make them feel before, during and after any photoshoot”. 

For those in the Ottawa area, I’ve resided in Ottawa most of my life so I’m constantly researching and finding new and interesting space that works best for his clients.

“Paul is honestly the most professional, talented, and friendly photographer that I have ever used for headshot photography. He immediately made me feel comfortable, went above and beyond in scoping out a nice place to shoot, and delivered multiple shots that were gorgeous. He has an eye for detail and great backdrops, and genuinely enjoys photography (and so he cares deeply about getting you good shots!)…” See more testimonials from some of his clients.

More about Paul? He was born in Hong Kong but immigrated over to Ottawa, Canada when he was 5 years old. Studied and graduated from Carleton University in Architecture and Art History. Hungry for more design, he studied Graphic Design at Sheridan College. Started in the government, wasn’t satisfied, freelanced and worked in the technology sector, then the NGO sector. He never stopped shooting!

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